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The Hilarious Truth About Failure
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Date:2007-01-21 08:32
Subject:Ships & Dip 2007 - Part Two of A Novella By Kristen
Mood: tired

And the rest is in here!Collapse )

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Date:2007-01-21 08:30
Subject:Ships & Dip 2007 - Part One of A Novella By Kristen
Mood: tired

Okay. First of all, I’m going to apologize now. Not only because this is going to be the longest freaking LJ post ever, but also because during the last concert, BNL announced that there will be another cruise. Next year. So you may just want to jump ship right now. They *said* it will be from January 6-10, 2008, and that those who were on this cruise would have priority to book on the next one. That’s how it works for the other “music fest” cruise that the same production company puts on, so I’m leaning towards believing that part at least. Which is fan-fucking-tastic, because I cannot foresee myself missing one ever. Not to mention that now I have further motivation to get my last 20 pounds off and to tone up and look better next time around.

But a note about how I’m going to *try* to remember to do this. I will bold the things that I think *everyone* might be interested in. Does that sound acceptable to everyone? Because this post is going to pretty much serve as my “cruise story” for anyone and everyone who wants to read it, including my hardcore BNL fan friends who weren’t able to make it. I will do the pics on a separate post (because I need a little time to get those cleaned up and done), but I will try not to post *that* many. Yet again, David and I were total idiots and didn’t get a picture of us together, except for the “official” one as we boarded the ship. I also didn’t get lots of pictures of me with friends (I got *one* LOL) but that’s okay. I’ll hopefully see them all next year.

ETA: Did you know that there are limits on LJ post lengths? Hmm. Nor did I. So we're splitting this puppy up into Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday. Hopefully that will help.

And... ETA (again):
A Disclaimer By A Sometimes Giddy Fangirl
I would just like to state, for the record, that the post you are about to read is not necessarily indicative of me as a person. Sometimes, I am rendered overly giddy by BNL. I am not normally overly giddy about much. And while I may comment once in awhile about the adorable-factor of certain members of the band, this is certainly not why I'm in the fandom. In fact, it's mostly their personalities that make them so damn attractive (all of them - not just the ones specified within - I just happened to have had more run-ins with one particular member, who *does* happen to be my favorite, than with the others). And so, before you read the inevitable squeeing that is contained within, I want to post something intelligible at the beginning. When I first got into BNL, I was about twenty. Making my way out of the teenage years and into adulthood. Their music touched me. "What A Good Boy" reminded me that I didn't have to do what others expected of me (and later, I took that advice to heart and kept it there when I dropped out of grad school, much to the chagrin of many of the people I'm closest to). Their songs, while sometimes fun and upbeat, were also upbeat and dark or sometimes slow and haunting. Sometimes the joy made me want to burst at the seams, and sometimes the melancholy seeped into my blood and made me glad to know that someone else had felt the way I did. And at twenty years of age, when I was trying to figure out who I would become, what kind of person I would grow up to be, it occurred to me that I wanted to be the same kind of adult that the guys of BNL were. I didn't have to be stuffy, to be pretentious about my intelligence, and I didn't have to abandon the absurd sense of humor that I've always had. I could watch South Park and play video games on a Saturday and then spend Sunday curled up with a novel that I read about in the New York Times. I could admit to struggling with depression at times, but also still bounce off the walls and act like a complete goof with friends. I could care about the world around me, but still laugh at its expense (we laugh so we do not cry). And so I began to get more into their music. And into them as people. It helps that they're so accessible and seem to be so open with fans. They are a fantastic group of guys (and, in fact, everyone connected with them - from their tour manager Fin, to their drum tech and stage hands, to their manager) and I feel like the luckiest fan in the world to have found them to help me find my way. And so... remember that when you're reading this. And don't judge and think I'm a squeeing idiot all the time. I compose myself quite well when necessary, but my LJ is where I let it all hang out...

Okay. Now for the good stuff!Collapse )

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Date:2003-06-01 04:49
Subject:Icon resources!

I've been making enough icons now that it's time... I need to make my icon resource post. I don't have a ton of resources, but here they are!

icon_tutorial - Various used, but especially those of organza. Got many ideas from her tutorials. :)

Shady Medusa
Misprinted Type
CrushedViolet (Awesome borders!)


Font Reactor
Theme World
Misprinted Type
A few random ones, including some from 2Peas, and a few other places (I often ask people what font they've used in icons, and download it if I like it).

All screencaps are my own unless otherwise noted.
Season One - Veronica Mars
1x01 - Capped by wickedripeplum
1x02 - 1x22 - Capped by awakencordy
Season Two - Veronica Mars
2x01 - Capped by awakencordy
2x03-2x05, 2x07, 2x08 - Capped by oxoniensis
2x06, 2x09 - 2x13 - Capped by spiffydaze
2x14 - 2x22 - Capped by marishna
Season One - Bones
1x19 - Capped by spiffydaze
Seasons One and Two - Castle
All eps capped by swannee
Season Three - Castle
All eps capped by a_lot_of_heart
Most Colin Firth images taken from posts on colinfirth by firthfreak.
Most David Duchovny images taken from Duchovny.net.
Most other images Googled - if you see an image that requires proper individual credit anywhere in my icons that has no credit, please let me know and I will correct it.

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